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Angela Aki Sheet Music

Angela Aki Kiyomi Angela Aki (安藝 聖世美 アンジェラ, Aki Kiyomi Anjera, born September 15, 1977) known professionally as Angela Aki (アンジェラ・アキ, Anjera Aki), is a pop singer, songwriter and pianist.Aki was born in the small town of Itano in Tokushima Prefecture, in the mostly rural island of Shikoku. Her mother is Italian American and her father is Japanese.
Aki began to take piano lessons when she was three years old and lived in Tokushima through sixth grade and spent her junior high school days in Okayama. She has admitted that growing up in rural Japan proved very difficult, as she was bullied and she turned to the piano as an escape from the isolation she felt. She grew up listening to a mix of enka, The Carpenters and The Bee Gees.

Angela Aki - People Imprrisoned by Destiny Piano Sheet Music

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